We. The Revolution receives Paszport Polityki

WARSAW, POLAND , January 15, 2020 – Klabater is pleased to announce that yesterday the opinion-forming weekly Polityka rewarded the game We. The Revolution and its creator, Dawid Ciślak, with the prestigious Paszport Polityki award.

The Polityka awards gala was held yesterday evening. One of the recipients (in the Digital Culture category) was Dawid Ciślak, the creator and the visionary behind the game We. The Revolution. The publisher and promoter of the game is Klabater. The jury awarded Dawid with distinction:

For using the setting of the French Revolution to show the corruption and intimidation of judges, as well as forcing the player – thanks to the brilliant use of the potential of the interactive medium – to confront their own conscience.Polityka

Dawid Ciślak with Paszport Polityki

On behalf of the whole Klabater, I congratulate Dawid on this great achievement. Paszport Polityki is the most prestigious cultural award in our country. We are proud that we could be involved in this project as a publisher,” said Michał Gembicki, Board Member of Klabater – “We. The Revolution from the very start drew attention with its ambitious approach and deep message – that’s why we decided to publish and promote it. The game turned out to be a hit both in terms of quality and sales, arousing interest all around the world, including France, where it was appreciated by the largest mainstream media and where a scientific conference has been organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture. Now this potential has been appreciated by the Polityka team, of which we are very happy. “

In We. The Revolution the player plays as a judge in the Revolutionary Tribunal and issues sentences concerning simple citizens, revolutionaries, and aristocracy. However, the protagonist has to be careful no to become the enemy of the revolution himself – otherwise he too may face a deadly sentence. Despite that, the plot of the game is not limited to court rooms; in the background of those there grows the protagonist’s personal life, as well as a complicated, political game.


Since March 2019 the game is available on platforms:

Once again, congratulations for Dawid and whole Polyslash team!

Dawid Ciślak (born in 1987) – originator and the main author of “We. The Revolution,” a game (created by the Polyslash studio), which, despite the plot set during the French Revolution, relates to the contemporary Poland. The player – playing as a judge – issues sentences, themselves being subjected to all sorts of pressures, temptations, and threats. The author (a political science student born in Sosnowiec, and later a graduate in film and television production at the Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia) forces us to inevitably confront our conscience. Furthermore, it shows the mechanisms of corruption. Dawid began his adventure in the world of cinema, but he abandoned it in favour of the interactive medium, the conventions and possibilities of which he understands better than anyone else. By setting the game during the French Revolution and the times preceding it, he continued the long tradition of Polish artists (Przybyszewska, Wajda, Klata) who were exploring this setting for references to their contemporary times.


Klabater is a global independent game publisher created by CDP, a distributor and publisher with over twenty years of experience. It offers a full package of publishing services to independent creators, which includes both an investment in the project, as well as everything that is needed to complete it and promote it. Ready to hop on board? 


Polyslash is a small studio based in Krakow. The production team boasts extensive experience in the gaming industry. The studio’s mission is to create games that stand out graphically and offer an engaging storyline. Sit comfortably, have a coffee and let us take you to unusual places and realities. 


WARSAW, POLAND, January 15th, 2020 – Klabater SA, a game developer and publisher listed on NewConnect, has purchased from JetCatGames studio full rights to Heliborne game and brand – a networked modern battlefield and helicopter simulator in one. Up to now, nearly 100 thousand players from all over the world has bought the game. The majority of customers are players from the USA, Germany, Russia and Australia. The current wishlist of users interested in acquiring the title amounts to 100 thousand. There are also as many as 15 DLCs available for the game. 

Klabater became the publisher of Heliborne in 2017 and since then the game has remained one of the best-selling productions in the Company portfolio. Despite almost 3 years of its presence on the market the title still sells very well with a steady growth on wishlists, and there are still many players on the servers (800 players per day on average).

Klabater, recognizing the huge potential of this brand, was talking about the conditions of acquisition with the developers of the game in recent months.

“In 2017 we decided to become the publisher of the Heliborne PC version because we had already noticed the huge potential of this brand. Heliborne turned out to be our most popular publishing title, so we decided to buy the game from the developer and invest in the brand further.” said Michał Gembicki, member of the board at Klabater. “We are convinced that Heliborne is only just speeding up and requires active support in terms of production, maintaining the attention of the community and further marketing activities such as gaining new users. Simultaneously with the purchase of the game, we also created a development team, which will start working on the modernization and development of the game from February this year.”

Later this year, Klabater plans to develop and release Heliborne: The Definitive Edition, fully re-mastered, taking into account the expectations of the community and with new content, a new version of the game. The company will soon communicate the exact scope of work and content of the new game edition. A fully dedicated production team works on these improvements. At the same time, the porting department at Klabater, together with the development team, has been working on releasing the game on console platforms – PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

“As the publisher of Heliborne we have had an influence on the promotion of the title so far, but unfortunately not on the development of the game itself. Last year, the gaming community demanded new content and events in the game, among other things, and we could not deliver it. We are convinced that this will change with the takeover of the IP rights,” adds Łukasz Mach, the marketing director at Klabater.

About Heliborne

Heliborne is the debut production of JetCatGames which has gained recognition among fans of realistic simulators, fans of military aviation and militaria fans. The player takes control of the most famous military helicopters in history, from classic machines from the 1950s to modern helicopters of the 21st century. The game offers a single player mode where you can test your skills during historical missions taking place in such war-stricken areas as: Korea, Vietnam or Afghanistan. The networked multiplayer mode enables direct competition with players from all over the world in numerous modes such as team deathmatch or capture the flag. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Heliborne draws inspiration from MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) such as World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, enriching them with realism in rendering the battlefield and particular attention to detail in the mechanics of flying a combat helicopter. The game also enables you to play in Skirmish and Frontline modes. The first one resembles a conquest known from the Battlefield series. Players fight against each other and occupy the territories located on the map. Their task is to reduce the number of opponent’s points to zero. The Frontline mode you need to take over the connected sectors in an optimal order, which will eventually lead to break into the fields controlled by the opponent.

Thank you 2019!

2019 was a great year but also a huge challenge for Klabater. We’ve closed the year with many premieres (PC & consoles), among them crucial ones: Crossroads Inn and We. The Revolution. Both games ended up among the most popular titles of the year in special Steam end-year ranking. It means that they stood out from the background of thousands of Steam premieres in 2019! We are so happy and proud!
The most important events for us in 2019 were certainly:

– Klabater’s New Connect debut
– Successful premieres of both We. The Revolution and Crossroads Inn
– Establishing in-house porting department with few console games already launched (including Golazo!, Big Pharma and Apocalipsis)
– Success of Crossroads Inn campaign on Kickstarter
– A contract signed with Discovery for Moonshiners games and a title based on Animal Planet format
– Apocalipsis available in Microsoft’s gamepass service
– MKiDN grant for The Amazing American Circus prototype and presence at Gamescom 2019

We are thrilled and excited about 2020! We hope it will be even better! Stay tuned!

Winter time in Crossroads Inn!

Tough times ahead of Crossroads Inn as winter is coming to Delcrys. It’s getting colder every day. What’s more, for the first time in years, there’ real snow! The white fluff is everywhere. Martyn just let us know, that it’s time to bring out Christmas decorations from the storage room.

We have special gift for you! Crossroads Inn now supports Steam Workshop! Create new scenarios in Crossroads Inn Editor and share it with the community! You can also find additional scenarios and insert it to your game. If you want to chat with other modders from Crossroads Inn, we added special channel on our Discord Server. Join now at Klabater.com/Discord!

You can still report bugs on our Discord Channel. We would like to thank you for every report out there. It helps us a lot! Next patch, that will be after Christmas, will focus only on fixing the bugs!

Here you can find a list of all changes:

New Features:
– Steam Workshop support is live! Players can now create their own scenarios in Crossroads Inn and upload them to the Workshop. A guide is available in Crossroads Inn Steam Guides so make sure to look it up!
– Winter is coming, and with it, area around your tavern will now feature snow. Don’t eat the yellow one

– Gambling has been redesigned. Guests are able to play dice without croupier and with any amount of players (above 1). Croupiers join tables to collect house cut based on the wealth of the players and their amount. Croupiers will no longer remain stuck at tables without active players, instead leaving if not enough players are present to play
– Fixed issues with carrying out passed out (drunk) guests

– Expanding a room in Build Mode will now copy the rooms floor and wall paint onto the new tiles. For this to happen, the player must have enough money for the paint, and walls/floor tiles in the room need to be the same style
– Fixed UI issues with displaying requirements for tenants to rent a room

– Added the following Christmas decorative items: Snowman, Snowbeast, Everday strings, Everday post, Holiday portal, three Holiday decorations, Holiday wreath, Strawman and two Holiday structures. They can be accessed in Furnish mode in the Sandbox
– Fixed the issues that could cause the game to crash when sending adventurers on a mission

If you need help with our Editor, here is tutorial recorded by one of our devs:


WARSAW, POLAND, November 14, 2019 – Big Pharma, a PC best-selling pharmaceutical management sim, will be launched for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 5th of December. It is the ideal choice for gamers who are looking for both deep management & strategy mechanics and easy pad-adapted controls. 


Review codes will be available Nov. 20 (Xbox One/Switch/PS4). To request keys:


Big Pharma is part business sim, part logistics puzzle. It’s one thing to work away in the lab perfecting new formulas, but converting the ‘sciency stuff’ into cold hard cash means bringing an engineering and business mind to the problem. Factory space is expensive, and those fancy new agglomerators and centrifuges don’t always slot nicely together.

What if you had it in your power to rid the world of disease, to improve the lives of millions, to ease suffering and cure the sick and earn a tidy profit? As the head of your own Pharmaceutical Conglomerate you have this power resting in your hands. Will you use it for good? Being totally altruistic may not be the best business plan. The uncomfortable truth (is there an ointment for that?) is that some remedies are more profitable than others and illness is good for business. Welcome to the world of Big Pharma!

After a very successful launch of our medieval tavern sim, Crossroads Inn, we now travel back to the future and focus on the development of a modern pharmaceutical conglomerate. We are sure that the console players will enjoy this combination of a deep business sim, logistical puzzles, and simplicity of a console’s interface.” – Lukasz Mach, Klabater CMO. – “We put a lot of effort to adapt PC controls and steering to consoles and I’m certain that there’s not much more we could do on that field, as the game plays perfectly on pad now.”

In Big Pharma you will find:

  • 35 business-busting challenges spread out across 7 unique scenarios
  • Custom game mode
  • Freebuild mode
  • Tons of new ingredients and recipes to discover
  • Hi-tech machines to help you refine the next generation of world-changing drugs.
  • Wide range of business models to fit your Pharmaceutical Conglomerate

Big Pharma will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on 5th December (29.99 USD/EUR). For more information, please visit Klabater’s FB page.


WARSAW, POLAND – November 20th, 2019 – Golazo! is a dynamic 2.5D arcade soccer game, a perfect party game for a chilling afternoon with friends. With its local multiplayer modes and crazy vintage approach, Golazo is an ideal choice for Couch & Party gamers! The game is already available on Nintendo Switch and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from the 28th of November.


Review codes are available (Xbox One/Switch/PS4). To request keys please use Keymailer,or send you request directly to bartosz.slodownik@klabater.pl or michal.lowigus@klabater.pl

Watch the release trailer

Football is all about fun and teamwork. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the field or play it on console sitting with your friends on the couch. With its vintage, not-too-serious, artistic and creative modern approach to the classic gameplay, Golazo! is certainly a perfect game for people who are wary of football managers or complicated hard-core simulators. You just grab your pad, sit on the couch and play!

Please find trailer and screens here (in “Golazo!” folder)

In Golazo! you will find a ton of fun and:

•        Dynamic gameplay reminiscent of cult arcade soccer games

•        Ideal for Couch & Party gamers

•        Who needs rules? No fouls and offsides!

•        VHS filter designed to give you that retro feel

•        Legendary players used as reference

•        Up to 4 players on local multiplayer

•        International Cup mode and league

•        52 national teams

•        28 hand-drawn managers

•        Humor – football managers and simulators are boring. Let’s bring back fun to football!

Golazo! recently debuted on Nintendo Switch and won the hearts of players as the perfect title to play together with friends. That’s why we’re delighted to see it coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – perfect for winter evenings together! ” said Pablo Cerrutti, Art Director, Purple Tree.

Patch 2.0 + Halloween Update!

Dear Friends,

As we promised few days ago, today we release update 2.0 for Crossroads Inn. The game is already heavily patched, but today’s update contains really important tweaks that innkeepers from all around Delcrys asked for loud and clear. We hope those of you still having trouble with the game will enjoy this patch as it fixes 20+ major bugs and glitches, not to mention minor ones.

Quick update to AMD graphic card users. It seems that we have finally found a solution to problems some of you encounter since release of the game. We still need testing as this is really crucial problem and we don’t want to announce solution too quickly and disappoint you. Hence we decided that today we will fix all other crucial problems and next patch will be focused mostly on AMD-related blockers. Hope you will understand the reasons behind this decision.

Ok, and now for the meritum, here’s the list of fixes in update 2.0 divided in few categories:

New additions:
– Steam Achievements are now officially supported and active
IMPORTANT NOTE: Achievements will not unlock in ongoing campaigns.

– Workers will now correctly store items in large Box sets
– Fixed an issue that caused the NPCs to occasionally walk on top of an item and become stuck
– Renmy will now correctly appear when summoned in Act 3
– Made improvements to pathfinding to prevent the workers from getting stuck near the stairs
IMPORTANT NOTE: this issue can still reappear occasionally but ONLY if the player has low FPS during gameplay. Please lower graphic settings if this issue appears at any time.

– Private Rooms can now be rented after changing their name
– Unticking Martyn’s Collectors Edition skin will now properly remove it
– Moving tables and chairs as a bundle will no longer cause the chairs to disappear
– Fixed an issue that caused the game to display singular notifications (like unlocks) more than once
– Fixed an issue that caused save/load to add an unintended ingredient to Garlic Bread recipe
– Tooltips will no longer disappear after loading a game
– Quests will now display correct rewards during conversations

– Multiple stability issues have been resolved; big thanks to everyone who sent us their saves!
– Fixed an issue that caused Dishwashers to be impossible to use occasionally
– Adventurer missions will now correctly award recipes as rewards
– Workers can now be upgraded after they hit level 10
– Candle maker, Mushroom maker and Bread Oven will now work correctly

In addition to all that, get free spooky Haloween items and characters (expect the unexpected guest in your Inn folks!):

• Candleskull
• Candleskull II
• Coffin
• Ghost
• Grave I
• Grave II
• Pumpkins
• Scarecrow
• Pumpkin scarecrow
• Spiderweb I
• Spiderweb II
• Spiderweb III

Download an update now and celebrate Halloween in Crossroads Inn!

Crossroads Inn is available now!

WARSAW, POLAND – 24th October – Kraken Unleashed and Klabater are delighted to announce that Crossroads Inn, the highly anticipated fantasy tavern sim with RPG elements, is now available on PC via Steam and GOG. Additionally, the developers have revealed a detailed roadmap of DLCs planned for the title and have also shared a clip of the exclusive song ‘Forget me not’ performed by Alina Lesnik.
Check new launch gameplay teaser We have all contributed a lot of energy, ideas and time to make Crossroads Inn a great game! We have clashed in hundreds of debates over mechanical, narrative and UI decisions to the very final day, because we believe there’s always time to do something better!” – said Michal Gembicki, CEO of Klabater and Kraken Unleashed – “Regardless of all that, as a small studio, we know our limits. We are aware that we probably could have made some features work better and some mechanics less clunky. So here’s a promise to fans of the game – we will keep improving the game after the release adding new features, balanicing gameplay and improving perfromence, because this game is much more then just a business to us.”

With a focus on the belief that the community around a game thrives when everyone plays a part, Klabater has made clear to fans how they plan to manage their flagship game Crossroads Inn. The detailed infographic gives a first look at the kind of content that players can expect to see in Crossroads Inn over the coming months. As a thanks to fans for their continued support, Klabater has planned several free DLCs for players to enjoy in the upcoming months.

Alongside the DLC roadmap, Klabater has also revealed a clip of the exclusive song ‘Forget me not’ performed by German singer Alina Lesnik, who was recently featured on the Surge 2 OST and is known for her metal, folk & soundtrack covers on YouTube.

When Klabater contacted me to perform an exclusive song for Crossroads Inn, I was really thrilled! I was of course excited by the opportunity to sing in a game at all, but above all else I was immediately hooked by the game’s setting. I mean, what’s cooler than fantasy tavern simulator mixed with unique medieval vibe?” – said Alina Lesniak – “I’m really happy to become a part of this game and the team! It was also a great experience to work on a video clip with this unique atmosphere. Marcin Pukaluk did an amazing job composing ‘Forget me not’,  I am really happy with the result and can’t wait to play the game!

For more information on Alina Lesnik’s visit her YouTubeFacebook or Instagram pages.

Crossroads Inn is available in 2 editions:

Collector’s Edition– 24,99 USD/EUR

  • Full OST containing 20 tracks (approximately 45 minutes of music)
  • Bonus track ‘Forget me not’ by youtuber Alina Lesnik written exclusively for Crossroads Inn
  • Game manual + detailed Bartender’s Guide
  • Beautifully illustrated Cookbook with 12 original recipes from different parts of Delcrys continent
  • Map of Delcrys continent with landmarks and key locations
  • A unique look for Martyn the Bartender (digital item)
  • Full Multimedia pack: Concepts, Artworks, Wallpapers, Making-of and video materials

Standard Edition – 19,99 USD/EUR

  • Game manual + detailed Bartender’s Guide
  • Mini – cookbook with 9 recipes
  • OST including 4 main in-game musical themes representing 4 seasons in Crossroads Inn story campaign
  • Chosen multimedia assets

Game will be released in English, Polish and German language versions.


Crossroads Inn is a real-time management sim with role-playing games elements. The game consists of two unique modes offering totally different experiences. In Sandbox mode gamers will focus solely on managing their business and economy – to build their very own tavern, hire and oversee staff, manage the supply chains and create new dish recipes. In Campaign mode, micromanagement is just a prelude to a rich story as the kingdom is in turmoil and a shift of power is expected. Your Inn will soon attract the attention of important political and military figures, who are desperately trying to hold on to the reins of power. Gamers will become part of a large-scale drama full of political intrigues, vivid characters, treacherous NPC’s and dangerous quests inspired by RPG games – You will even have a damsel in distress to save!

A list of features includes:

  • Real-time management sim and RPG in one!
  • Two distinct game modes: an epic Campaign mode with a non-linear story (12 different endings!) and nearly endless Sandbox mode dedicated to hardcore sim fans
  • A rich and detailed lore with feuding factions and powerful organizations – choose to forge alliances or work against others in an original low fantasy setting
  • Once in a lifetime culinary adventure designed in cooperation with the experts from Nerds’ Kitchen! Discover recipes, create new dishes and serve varied menus to attract different social groups
  • A complex tavern economy simulation with various groups of customers, special guests, unique and regular employees, dozens of resources and facilities to build and develop – all binded together with a network of reliances
  • Original soundtrack composed by talented team including Marcin Przybyłowicz (The Witcher 3) and recorded with traditional folk instruments from various cultures and eras
  • Expanded in-game culinary recipes along with a fully developed nutritional system created to influence relationships with different guests and fractions
  • Extensive in-game editor that allows to fully modify game and to create your own campaigns, scenarios and adventures with access to all game assets

Crossroads Inn is now available for PC and Linux on Steam and GOG with English, Polish and German language support. For more information on Crossroads Inn visit the game on Facebook or Twitter.

Media about Crossroads Inn:

  • “Crossroads Inn is looking like a clever role reversal with some good ideas” – PC Gamer
  • „The Sims meets Middle Ages.” – Gamestar.de
  • „”We are positively impressed, Crossroads Inn brings fresh air to the management genre.” – Gamesource.it
  • „I don’t beerlive it, there’s an RPG tavern management simulator – how Inntriguing!” – Eurogamer.net
  • Everything seemed perfectly in line” – Canard PC 

Crossroads Inn – DLC roadmap

In Klabater, we believe that community around the game thrives when everyone plays a part… So, support from the fans is absolutely priceless, but… there’s also a huge responsibility on us:).

This is exactly why we want to be very clear on how we plan to manage our game after the premiere. Please check this detailed infographic explaining what kind of content will be released for Crossroads Inn in upcoming months.

As an expression of our gratitude for continued community support, you’ll find a lot of free content here as well. We believe in sharing and our fans have already shared so much with us! Thank you!

Klabater team

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