Klabater is heading to Boston’s PAX EAST ’22 with 3 games!

Klabater is heading to Boston’s PAX EAST ’22 with 3 games!

Warsaw, Poland | Aprli 15th, 2022 – We’re on our way to PAX East 2022! On April 20th, during the Pre-Pax Showcase, we’re going to give you the unique chance to get your hands on our 3 titles from the main event, away from the hustle and bustle of Pax.

If you can’t make the showcase – catch us on the show floor at booth 15019 throughout the weekend and at the special “Thursday Gathering” event on April 21st at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Moonshine Inc. is a cocktail of strategy, tycoon, and crafting mechanics. Brew moonshine, distribute the final product to your customers and expand your business empire across the map under the nose of the law!

Best Month Ever! is a bittersweet point-and-click adventure where you only have one month to live and must raise your son the way you’d want him to be. The choices you make matter as you swap between the perspectives of the mother in the 1960s and her son in the 1970s, and see how your choices have affected his life.

orbit.industries is a strategic space station building game where you can focus on making your station yield the biggest profit in the most efficient way possible, or create an architectural wonder in zero gravity – the choice is yours!

On the first day of PAX EAST 2022, April 21st, orbit.industries will have its premiere on all platforms! It’s a special opportunity for all participants to try their hand at orbital station management just on the day of release!