Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism is out now on Xbox and PlayStation!

Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism is out now on Xbox and PlayStation!

Warsaw, Poland | March 9th, 2023 – The fourth installment of the Strategic Mind war game franchise, Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism, landed today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Previously, we were responsible for porting and publishing Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg, Strategic Mind: The Pacific, and Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom.

The game tells an alternate story of the Red Army after World War II. The players take on the role of a commander leading their nation through the challenges of the Cold War. The game features a deep, immersive storyline that allows exploring the struggles of the time and the spectre of communism that hung over the world.

With engaging gameplay mechanics, 3d graphics, and a rich, detailed world, Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism offers long hours of intense brain challenge. The Strategic Mind series is mostly appreciated for its truthfully presented historical events, and the “What if” scenarios.

“We’re glad to publish another game on consoles. Our publishing portfolio is very diverse – on one end we have strategies, on the other, roguelikes, RPGs, or simulators. We port games with positive user scores and established communities. It allows us to encourage console players to grab already reviewed and proven games.” – says Robert Wesołowski, CEO of Klabater. “Extending our back catalog is one of our goals for this year. Long-term cooperation with developers and publishers such as Starni Games or Goblinz Publishing helps us achieve it. I am expecting to sign more publishing contracts for porting, still this year.” – adds Robert Wesołowski.

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Game features:

  • Ground, air, and naval forces.
  • Modern 3D graphics, detailed models of all the units, day/night cycle, and weather effects.
  • Upgrading and customizing troops.
  • Various scenarios of the Soviet Armed forces continuing their struggle for the world Communist revolution.
  • Over 60 minutes of cinematics, and in-operation dialogues with full VO.
  • Many more…


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