About us

We are a publisher and video game studio quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). With a passion, we create and publish titles - especially and with a penchant to the ones of uncommon story and longlasting, outstanding gameplay.

KLABATER is a global production and publishing house. The company offers complex services to the developers, our involvement includes anything from financial support and investment, through production process support, to a PR & marketing campaigns. We take the load off your shoulders, so you can focus on developing your vision into a successful game. In 2018, Klabater expanded its scope of activity by starting its own game development and porting services. The result of that is the birth of an in-house development studio and the expansion of the publishing division.






A few facts

• We are a publishing house for games on PC and consoles - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. We are also a game developer and a porting studio.

• Starting in 2019, we are listed on NewConnect stock exchange run by Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

• Our office is seated in the very centre of Warsaw, at the location of historical 18th century brewery.

• We work with the various game studios from all over the world and we ourselves publish the games worldwide.

• Our mission
On our years of experience and our passion for games, we’ve based a publishing house that understands video games developers and provides them with extraordinary care.

• Our vision
We support talented developers in the development of their unique games; working together – succeeding together.

• Our goal
We won’t let your game be swept by the tide of indie games. We’ll set out together – for gold and glory!

• In the nautical folklore the klabater is a benevolent spirit guarding the ship and its crew. Manifesting as a kobold with a wooden hammer and his faithful lantern, he patches holes in the hull or guides the crew safely through the toughest storm.
Taking our name after this creature of legends, we'll do the same for you: guide you, protect you, and help you arrive at your gamedev goal.

Klabater SA

Klabater SA

Having 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, we operate successfully as a publisher and indie games developer, cooperating with both Polish and foreign game studios from all over the world. In our personal area of interest, there are mainly games of unique story mixed with fulfilling gameplay and a complex plot.

Klabater Studio

Klabater Studio

As a game developer, therefore an author and creator, we are a an ambitious team, geared towards unusual productions beyond the trite perception of rigid genre framworks. That's the reason we highly value games like tycoons and those which require a deep insight into the gameplay as well as a broad view of the represented world. Carefully selected core of new title is laced with an interesting plot, mostly with historical background and unorthodox social reality - 19th century circus or medieval fantasy tavern.

Klabater Publishing

Klabater Publishing

While choosing the game to publish, we tend to pick the titles involved in the turbulent times of the world. We treasure the games of bold and innovative approach to the pivotal moments in the history of humankind. That's why we have an individual attitude towards every game we are working on, giving them unconventional graphics, histrorical background and unique vision.