We are presenting Moonshine Inc. at PAX WEST 2022!

We are presenting Moonshine Inc. at PAX WEST 2022!

Warsaw, Poland | August 30th, 2022 – Brace yourself for the best moonshine you’ll ever taste! We’re getting everything set up to showcase Moonshine Inc. during this year’s PAX WEST, September 2nd-5th, not long before the game’s premiere shceduled for October!

Currently, Moonshine Inc. is our most advanced project, and – at the same time – our third key production as a developer.

To ensure that the game fulfills the role of a simulator and accurately reflects the steps needed to create high-proof liquors, we’ve cooperated with chemistry and economy university professors!


All guests are welcomed at Booth 811 where our Marketing & PR Lead Joanna Keler and Marketing Project Manager Agnieszka Skuza will answer all of your questions.

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⚗️ Moonshine Inc. is a cocktail of strategy, tycoon, and crafting mechanics. Brew moonshine, distribute the final product to your customers and expand your business empire across the map – all under the nose of the law!