About us

About us

We are a publisher and video game studio quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). With a passion, we create and publish titles – especially and with a penchant to the ones of uncommon story and longlasting, outstanding gameplay.

KLABATER is a global production and publishing house. The company offers complex services to the developers, our involvement includes anything from financial support and investment, through production process support, to a PR & marketing campaigns. We take the load off your shoulders, so you can focus on developing your vision into a successful game. In 2018, Klabater expanded its scope of activity by starting its own game development and porting services. The result of that is the birth of an in-house development studio and the expansion of the publishing division.

As of 15 October 2019, we are a listed company on the NewConnect stock market operated by the Stock Exchange (GPW).


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