Klabater Publisher Sale 2023 on Steam is taking off!

Klabater Publisher Sale 2023 on Steam is taking off!

Warsaw, Poland | June 1st, 2023 – We are elated to announce two major updates that will delight players worldwide. The annual Klabater Publisher Sale on Steam offers irresistible deals on the entire Klabater catalog, while Moonshine Inc. – a tycoon management game, focused on producing moonshine, gets the highly anticipated Patch 1.1 that brings a range of enhancements and fixes.

Klabater Publisher Sale and Klabater Collection Bundle

Klabater is proud to kick off its annual Publisher Steam Sale. From June 1 to June 8, gamers can take advantage of incredible discounts on the entire Klabater catalog, with savings of up to 90%. This highly anticipated event provides an ideal opportunity for players to expand their gaming libraries, discover new adventures, and embrace the diverse range of titles offered by Klabater, among which they can find Moonshine Inc. and Klabater bestsellers.


For those seeking the ultimate gaming deal, Klabater is offering a special “KLABATER COLLECTION” bundle discount on the entire catalog. For the time of the sale, players can purchase all of the games in one set with the unbeatable 70% discount, or complete their collection with missing titles by buying all the others, with corresponding discount. This bundle ensures that gamers can access a treasure trove of immersive experiences at an incredibly affordable rate.

Moonshine Inc. receives a Major Update 1.1

Patch 1.1 introduces several crucial improvements to Moonshine Inc., addressing players’ feedback and enhancing overall gameplay. The update includes fixes for various minor bugs, and what’s crucial, players can expect a host of exciting new features and rebalancing efforts, aimed at significantly improving performance. General upgrades have been fine-tuned to ensure smoother gameplay and increased profitability, while individual parts of the production process – fermentation, distillation, bottling – have undergone meticulous adjustments for a more immersive experience.

All details available on the official Moonshine Inc. Steam page

Moonshine Inc. players can look forward to Patch 1.1 as it refines the art of moonshining, making their in-game ventures more enjoyable than ever before.

Moonshine Inc. encourages players and media alike to mark their calendars for these exciting updates. With Patch 1.1, players can enjoy improved gameplay mechanics and a more refined moonshining experience. Meanwhile, the Klabater Publisher Steam Sale promises unparalleled discounts on a wide range of captivating titles.