Moonshine Inc. – New Demo Available Soon

Moonshine Inc. – New Demo Available Soon

WARSAW, POLAND – February 9th, 2022 – Klabater’s distillation tycoon simulator has a demo opening up for a press preview on February 10th before joining Steam Next Fest on the 21st.

Klabater invites players to take a sip of Moonshine Inc. with the free demo, coming soon to Steam as part of Steam Next Fest (Feb 21 -28) and available now for Press Preview from February 10th! Leave the big city for the Appalachian mountains and step into a prohibition era story full of colorful characters to build an illegal brewing operation into a moonshine empire right under the nose of the law.




Produce Moonshine

Craft and modify fermentation and distillation equipment and recipes – both your own and “borrowed” from the legendary moonshiners who came before you. Harness the real chemistry and concepts behind moonshine distillation and unveil a rich technology tree to create mind-blowing batches of booze for the thirsty masses suffering from sobriety. There are over 40 different ingredients and recipes to discover and produce, with more than 30 different moonshining machines and apparatuses to craft and modify!

Distribute Discreetly

Manage your employees and your delivery network to produce and sell thousands of liters of moonshine! You’ll be harassed by corrupt sheriffs, a particular ATF agent, and even a corrupt governor, but with the help of your younger sister Elly-Jane and old grand-uncle Donald, you’ll fight the odds, the competition, and Johnny Law all at once if you have to.

Evade the Authorities

Developed specifically for the game, The Red Flag Police system intelligently controls the behavior of the local police and federal agents. They’re waiting for you to slip up so keep your head down and the booze brewing as you buy, expand, and upgrade your illegal, hidden bases across a huge map.