Warsaw, Poland – September 15th, 2021 – After wowing crowds at Gamescom in IGN’s Awesome Indies Showcase, getting a shout out from Major Nelson, and piquing the interest of the American Youth Circus Organization – we are thrilled to be sending our quirky, Slay The Spire-esque deck builder The Amazing American Circus rolling into town across PC, Playstation, Xbox and the Switch tomorrow on September 16th!

Step into the Ring!

The Amazing American Circus masterfully blends a Slay the Spire-style card game with tycoon and simulation mechanics, meaning that strategic thinking and careful resource management are essential to your success in becoming America’s greatest showman. Manage your entire camp, put on performances, and expand your circus.

Beware – the public will be jaded, fickle, and extremely bored – amazing them will be no easy feat! With over 15 types of circus artists to recruit and train,100 modifications to make to your circus caravan, and 4 vast regions of the US to traverse, all the tools you need to build a winning deck and put their jaws on the floor are out there. Nevertheless, remember to strategize and gauge the mood of the crowd before playing your hand on your travels; a single card could provoke cheers or jeers.

“The Amazing American Circus is a game for all those who love deck-building games, and are in search of something new and different with total attention to detail.” – Turn Based Lovers

Release Dates and Times

PC – 16th September 2021 at:

  • 2 PM Greenwich Mean Time
  • 4 PM Central European Time
  • 7 AM Pacific Time
  • 10 AM Eastern Time

All Consoles – 16th September 2021 at:

  • 3 PM Greenwich Mean Time
  • 5 PM Central European Time
  • 8 AM Pacific Time
  • 11 AM Eastern Time


There will be 2 editions of The Amazing American Circus to purchase on launch day:

The Standard Edition (all platforms) – which includes the full game, and the Ringmaster’s Edition (PC only) – which includes the full game, The Ringmasters Essentials (an abundance of digital goodies) and The Circus Symphony – the official soundtrack to your circus’ quirky escapades across America!

And as part of a special promo for our PC players, there will be a launch week discount across all storefronts and 10% off for The Amazing American Circus products.

The Amazing American Circus (Standard Edition) is available here:

SRP: 19,99 EUR /USD

The Amazing American Circus – The Ringmaster’s Edition (PC only) is available here:

GoG – The Amazing American Circus – The Ringmaster’s Edition on

The Ringmaster’s Essentials include:

  • The official Cookbook
  • The official lore book
  • A set of wallpapers
  • A digital map of the game
  • A circus-inspired Black Peter card set (ready to be printed!)
  • Video and graphic materials

The Circus Symphony includes:

  • The full 60 min long soundtrack composed and produced by Patryk Scelina featuring Alina Lesnik’s theme song “Where the Wind may Blow”

SRP: 29,99 EUR /USD