WARSAW – July 21, 2021Today Klabater announced that Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg and Strategic Mind: The Pacific, a well-received PC strategy game series, will debut PlayStation 4 & 5 on August 5 this year.

The release of the games is quite a treat for the fans of strategic wargames. Especially since the Sony consoles do not offer a wide catalog of such titles. Experience the acclaimed Strategic Mind series in full glory with two installments, Blitzkrieg and The Pacific, soon landing on PlayStation 4 & 5!

About the games:

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg is a turn-based strategy set during the period of WW2. It brings a modern look and new features to the good old wargame genre. You will be leading the German Armed forces, overcoming unthinkable odds, and claiming the ultimate bittersweet victory in Europe. Blitzkrieg is the way!

Strategic Mind: The Pacific is a turn-based strategy set during the WW2 period, depicting the war between the USA and the Empire of Japan, waged in the Pacific Ocean, with mindblowing historical accuracy and attention to detail.

Our goal was to reinvigorate the old-school wargames genre with innovative combat mechanics and storytelling. We did not want the player to just move his tank units back and forth and attack the “bad guys”. We wanted him to feel that he is a Chief of General staff who plans the operations, argues with superiors, and puts in place his subordinates. To that end, we have created over 70 minutes of in-game cinematics for each of our titles, as well as lots of in-game dialogues.” – says Oleksandr Sienin, the Lead Game Designer in Starni games, developer of the series.

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg key features:
  • You will have the opportunity to command ground, air, and naval forces with an emphasis on land battles.
  • Modern 3D graphics brought by the UE4 engine with detailed models of all units, a day/night cycle, and weather effects.
  • You can upgrade and customize your troops by leveling them up and selecting skills that best suit your strategy. Moreover, you can equip your troops with additional equipment for each operation to better suit both your tactics and the war theatre.
  • You will be getting awards throughout the game and they will give you access to unique HQ skills, which you can learn to increase the efficiency and synergy of your troops.
  • You can acquire new units of various types, or upgrade your existing ones. All new units and equipment are available at historically accurate moments of the campaign.
  • You can take numerous trophies and use some of the enemy`s most advanced units against them in future battles.
  • While we strive for historical accuracy, we also allow you to explore various “what if’s” and see what could have happened if the German Armed forces were even more successful in their struggle for dominance over the European continent.
  • Storytelling cinematics, as well as in-operation dialogues with full voice-over, will help you get a better feeling of the epoch-making events.
Strategic Mind: Pacific key features:
  • Play both sides of the conflict to gain a unique insight into the epochal events of the War in the Pacific: the United States of America defending both its global power and its ideals and the Empire of Japan fighting for the right to take the future of our world into its hands.
  • You can decide which ships, submarines, and aircraft will constitute the bulk of your force. Manage your fleet between missions with all models becoming available at historically accurate moments.
  • A unique system of attachments allows you to customize your units with additional equipment to increase their efficiency and weave them perfectly into the strategies of your divisions.
  • Oversee your units becoming more experienced combatants throughout the campaign and choose which skills they should focus on to better suit your strategy.
  • A detailed system of naval battles allows you to damage various ship systems, such as all sorts of armaments, hulls, engines, flight decks, etc. For instance, damaging an enemy ship`s engine will reduce its speed and thus all of its defenses, making it easy prey for the rest of your flotilla.
  • Choose which of the commander’s skills will better suit your strategy and use them at the right moments to turn the tide of the battle.
  • Modern graphics combined with historically accurate models of all units make the playing experience much more immersive than ever before.
  • Employ the heroes forged by the furnace of war for the most difficult tasks to ensure the success of the operation.
  • Witness the events unfold through the plot-driven cutscenes.
  • Intricate combat mechanics let you show the full extent of your tactical and strategic superiority.

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg and Strategic Mind: The Pacific will be released on PlayStation 4 & 5 on August 5th this year.