Starward Rogue: Sci-Fi Bullet Hell to hit consoles thanks to new agreement!

Starward Rogue: Sci-Fi Bullet Hell to hit consoles thanks to new agreement!

Warsaw, Poland | August 17th, 2023 –  Klabater SA announces a new porting agreement with Arcen Games, LLC, for their title, Starward Rogue. This marks an exciting step in expanding the reach of the sci-fi shoot-em-up bullet hell gem, originally released on January 22, 2016.

Starward Rogue offers players an enthralling bullet hell twin-stick shooter experience as they navigate their way through the Megalith, a rogue-lite labyrinth embedded in the side of a star. In game, players take on the role of a “head in a mech” harvested from the neck of a Space Hydra (from other Arcen Games title, The Last Federation). Armed with a diverse array of weapons, perks, and upgrades, players must navigate evolving catacombs that expand with each success, facing off against regular enemies, minibosses, and epic bosses in over 500 rooms. The game was well-received on PC by critics and fans, being favorably compared to games like Binding of Isaac.

Key features of Starward Rogue:

  • 9 starting mechs with unique abilities, such as time control and shot magnetism.
  • 5 difficulty levels for players of all skill levels.
  • More than 350 items, including active weapons, consumables, and passive upgrades.
  • Over 500 rooms to explore, including the special condemned survival rooms.
  • A comprehensive perk system allowing for varied build diversity.
  • Secrets! Among them “incredibilities” that massively change the way the game plays.



As part of this partnership, Klabater SA is committed to exploring new localization options and addressing potential bugs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for console players.

The console versions of Starward Rogue will soon begin to be developed and are slated for release on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Fans of the game can look forward to immersing themselves in the mesmerizing sci-fi universe from their favorite platforms.