Crossroads Inn 2 unveiled on Steam

Crossroads Inn 2 unveiled on Steam

Warsaw, Poland | May 28th, 2023 – Klabater is proud to announce the revealing of Steam Page and the first official trailer for Crossroads Inn 2, the highly anticipated sequel to their original bestseller. With a scheduled release in 2024, the game showcases its artistic direction and introduces the first look at 3D graphics, developed on the Unity engine.

Building on the success of its critically acclaimed predecessor, released in 2019, Crossroads Inn 2 weaves together elements of economic strategy, simulation, and RPG.  As an innkeeper, players will face the thrilling challenges of running their inn, starting with planning, building, and furnishing their establishment from scratch, managing their staff, devising menus, and satisfying the needs of a diverse range of patrons – from adventurers and nobles to outlaws and the common folk. The sequel promises to deliver an even more immersive gameplay experience.


Crossroads Inn 2 introduces completely new mechanics

One of the standout features of Crossroads Inn 2 is the revitalized NPC system, bringing a heightened level of believability and diversity to the characters. NPCs will make decisions influenced by the player-created environment, enhancing the overall realism and depth of interactions. Additionally, the system for managing employees and staff will undergo significant changes, allowing for more engaging and dynamic gameplay.

The game’s storyline unfolds on the continent of Delcrys, divided into three distinct countries: Yorevale, Untermarch, and Sambria. Each nation boasts its own unique color schemes and styles, drawing inspiration from a variety of real-life cultures. From medieval Nordic and Slavic fashion to early Renaissance French, German, and Italian trends, players can expect a visually stunning and culturally diverse experience.


Crossroads Inn 2 has already sparked immense excitement among fans and the gaming community, who eagerly anticipate the game’s debut on a new engine. The first installment received over 12 expansions and add-ons, with a remarkable count of 118,000 purchases by the end of 2022.