TIN CAN – New porting project, also on VR!

TIN CAN – New porting project, also on VR!

Warsaw, Poland | July 18th, 2022 – Big, big news! We’ve signed on for another porting! 🔥

Tin Can is a very successful Steam premiere about making sure you survive aboard a stranded cosmic shuttle – playing from a first-person perspective, you have to rely on your wits, technical savviness, and cool head in order to face problems head-on.

Remember – “In space, tech support can’t hear you scream!”

We have the utmost pleasure in making sure fans of the strategic and outer space games have a chance at surviving Tin Can on Xbox, PlayStation, NintendoSwitch, and VR: OculusQuest2 and PlayStationVR!

Check out its Steam page

TinCan Studios is another game studio from France that we have partnered with. At this point, we are already working with Goblinz, an established French publisher and producer. Our company is porting three titles from this studio: Legend of Keepers, Spellcaster University and As Far as the Eye.