Klabater presents roadmap for The Amazing American Circus

Klabater presents roadmap for The Amazing American Circus

WARSAW, POLAND – September 17th, 2021 – The Amazing American Circus which had it debut on all platforms yesterday, has been warmly received by media and gamers. Right now, Steam’s average user rating is high, with 83% positive reviews. Klabater simultaneously unveiled the game’s development plans for the coming months, including an approximate release date for the release of the new region, Alaska.

As part of the plans for the next few months, a new region will be added to the game, the highly anticipated Alaska addition. In total, by the end of this year, The Amazing American Circus will face nine updates, with plans for DLC and new versions of the game stretching all the way to 2022. The unveiled roadmap includes updates to the game, including new languages and DLC – Dark Passenger – for players who backed The Amazing American Circus during its promotional campaign on Kickstarter.

The release of The Amazing American Circus does not mark the end of work on this game, it’s quite the contrary. As in the case of Crossroads Inn, our production section will undergo a period of post-release support. At the same time, we are working on a mobile version of the game, which should be available on iOS and Android  the next year. – says Michał Gembicki, Joint-CEO of the company.

The first reviews have appeared, and the vast majority of them are very positive:

  • Third Coast ReviewThe Amazing American Circus deserves to be a classic. It’s a fresh spin on an idea that is getting tired, and I really appreciate not only its unusual theme, but its dedication to making the era of traveling circuses come to life through art and music.
  • Pure PlayStation –  The Amazing American Circus is a bundle of laughs to play. The storytelling is magnificent and reminded me of an old western, it isn’t too difficult to learn and never overwhelmed me to play. By the end of it, I felt like I had actually been to a circus or even better, that I was a part of the circus.
  • Turn-Based Lovers – The Amazing American Circus is a game for all those who love deck-building games, and are in search of something new and different with total attention to detail. They just made you feel like a real circus.
  • Vulgar Knight – The Amazing American Circus was more in-depth than I had anticipated. It’s not that there are walls of text or overcomplicated mechanics – there’re just many factors to pay attention to. Is that a bad thing? No. There are lots on offer, and the management side is arguably as important as the actual deck-building elements. Time to join the circus.

Good title visibility is related to the successful Gamescom fair attendance. The company is planning further presentations of its production, and the nearest opportunity will be the stationary event in London – EGX. The release of The Amazing American Circus drew media attention – one of the most popular gaming sites, GameReactor, had a few hours of exclusivity on Klabater’s game trailer.

We look forward to more reviews, including those that will soon appear on Metacritic. These publications should greatly influence the popularity of The Amazing American Circus among gamers. Also as a part of promotional activities, Klabater will participate in the first in nearly two years, stationary EGX tradeshow in London, which will take place 7 – 10 of October. – Michał Gembicki is adding.