Embark on a Planetary Odyssey: Terraformers Console Launch on the Horizon for Xbox, and PlayStation

Embark on a Planetary Odyssey: Terraformers Console Launch on the Horizon for Xbox, and PlayStation

Warsaw, Poland | Aug 31st, 2023 – Get ready for the ultimate Red Planet adventure as Terraformers, the critically acclaimed space colony builder and resource management game, is about to make its anticipated debut on gaming consoles. Klabater SA proudly announces the upcoming release of Terraformers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, introducing the puzzles and challenges of terraforming to a new audience.

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Terraformers will also be available in the special Supporter Edition, including main game and Artbook + Soundtrack


Terraformers, developed by Asteroid Lab and originally released on PC by Goblinz Publishing on March 9, 2023, takes players on an awe-inspiring journey to the Red Planet. Step onto the mysterious Martian terrain, and engage in the creation of prosperous cities, nurturing of life, and ambitious terraforming projects. Players get the freedom to build thriving cities, seed life, and reshape the planet’s landscape with ambitious projects.



  • Discover New Frontiers: Unearth rich resource depots, awe-inspiring crystal caves, and natural wonders in mysterious locations across the Red Planet.
  • Build Thriving Cities: Found cities within craters and lava tubes, nurturing them into bustling metropolises that adapt to the rising demands of their inhabitants.
  • Endless Variety: Thanks to procedural generation, every playthrough promises a unique and uncharted adventure.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Choose from an array of buildings through randomly proposed project cards at the start of each turn, and carefully design city layouts to maximize synergies.
  • Diverse City Development: Create utopian paradises or mechanized industrial hubs automated by robots, all while balancing the needs of your populace.
  • Ambitious Terraforming: Ignite dormant volcanoes, construct colossal space mirrors, or execute strategic pole-nuking to reshape the planet’s very geography.
  • Ecosystem Evolution: From adaptive bacteria to majestic forests, each life form presents specific requirements and strategic benefits.


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