Crossroads Inn Updates History

Crossroads Inn Updates History




January 24, 2020 Patch 2.2.2! Chinese New Year! New content:
– Chinese New Year is here! To celebrate, new decorations are now available in the Furnish Mode in Sandbox. Discover traditional Chinese lanterns and use them to make your inn even more unique!
Balance changes and fixes:
– Political Rumours (Blue) can now be used to purchase influence on the World Map to the maximum level. This will make trade routes easier to complete. However, the cost of purchase steps above 3 has been increased.
– Rebalanced “Partner up with the Seers” quest. Nobles reputation is now easier to obtain, the required reputation was changed from 75% to 50%, and an additional quest (related to Rumours) has been added as an option of progressing. Please note that saved games with this quest already active will not be affected.
– New workers will now have a higher chance of starting with positive Traits.
– The Loyalty attribute of workers will now deteriorate at a lower rate, which will result in them spending less time on breaks, and more on working.
– “Cleanness” bar of a room will no longer be affected by the quality of furniture.
– The floors will now become dirty at a lower rate, requiring cleaning less often.
– Ganis and Calistere quests in Act 2 will now always trigger correctly.
Stability improvements:
– Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur during NPC interaction with a Gambling Table.
– General stability improvements.
January 28, 2020 Pests & Puppies DLC New pets: dogs cats.
New pests: Boar, Liquorats, Birds, Daer, Fleas, Woodworms.
New items for pets.
Added French language
February 4, 2020 Patch 2.3.1! Skip Prologue! New Features
– Added Skip Prologue checkbox to Options. It allows skipping the Prologue part of the Campaign and starting directly from Act 1 instead.UI
– Clicking specific parts of the Main Menu will no longer open a Steam Subscriber Agreement.
– Prepared food and drinks will no longer be stuck in the Counter after loading a save. Please note that this can still lead to graphical glitches on old saves – the items will appear to be inside a Counter, while in reality they’re not. If that occurs, saving a game and loading it again will fix the display.
– Stealing now has a correct graphical indicator when it doesn’t work; and when it does work, loot is correctly received.
– You can no longer send more than one Adventurer on a single mission; this will also resolve an issue with the Adventurers not coming back to the Tavern after a quest.
– Services tab (on the Room Info screen) now works correctly, and the services can be selected or deselected by double clicking with Left Mouse Button.
– Added a new Trash bin icon to every piece of Furniture that can store items, like Counter or Shelves. By using this icon, selected item will be deleted.
– Removed the prompt about not having enough places to sit, as we found it was confusing and largely pointless.
– Information about active DLC will now be added to the Main Menu.AI
– [Act 2] Fixed an issue that could prevent interacting with the Countess while she’s sleeping.
– LOCK priority setting on the Counter will now prevent the workers from using it.Miscellanious
– Serious Landscaping Sandbox quest now requires 15 objects to complete, down from 25.
– Nudists will no longer randomly visit your Tavern… for now!
– Rumours and Fame will no longer transfer between new games.
– Bug Repellents will now be refilled with Herbs.
– Dog bowls will now correctly be refilled with Chicken meat.
– Reduced the probability of Boars appearing and wreaking havoc.
February 20, 2020 Patch 2.4.1! Rebalance of the social groups! New Features:
– We have rebalanced social groups and their preferences, as follows:
Townsfolk – they hate foreign country decor, but love their own country decor, for all rooms.
Nobles – they don’t trust low prices, but they don’t mind high prices.
Travelers – they want to rent Guest Rooms more often. They will be very disappointed if the tavern does not have a Guest Room.
Outlaws – they don’t care if the tavern is clean or not, they just want low prices and drinks. This social group is the most likely to steal, smoke pipes and cause fights.
Distressed – they don’t feel good in fancy rooms.Following these guidelines should help with quests that require a certain amount of influence for a faction.
– You can now permit or disable access to rooms for each worker separately on the Room Info screen. This only works for tasks: don’t be surprised if your servant enters a room to chat or get some Gossips!UI:
– Outline option will no longer reset after loading a save.
– Cost reduction upgrades will now correctly display the current price.
– Interaction with destroyed objects will no longer be disabled after loading a game. They can now be repaired or sold without issues.AI:
– Made adjustments to Shifts; workers will now follow them correctly.
– Workers now require less space to perform their cleaning duties in a small room; however, note that it is still possible to make the room too small and cramped for cleaning.
– Updates to Dogs AI – they will now scare off pests more efficiently.Miscellanious:
– Greatly reduced the amount of Fame needed before guests start using Guest Rooms.
– Fixed an issue that could block Adventurer’s quests if the game is saved and loaded during the Adventurer’s transition to the Map.
– Goods will now be placed correctly on Pallete’s current position, instead of its previous location.
– “Rug” item will now correctly display its texture.
– A perk responsible for reducing Gossip cost of Trade Routes will now work correctly.
– A perk responsible for unlocking more land will now work correctly.
– Fixed some stability issues thanks to crashing saved games provided by the community.
March 4, 2020 Update 2.4.3! Spanish translation! – Added Spanish language. Rest assured that all of the other languages that we promised are on their way too, just not yet ready!
– Updated Adventurers to make sure that their missions are worth your time
March 26, 2020 Patch 2.4.4! RUSSIAN LANGUAGE! New Features:
– Added Russian language. Please make sure to let us know if you encounter any text issues!– Updated tenants. A “tenant” is a guest who is renting one of your Private Rooms.
You can now train their attributes, and decide which of them should be their priority. You also need some specific equipment for training:
– for Strength, Endurance and Dexterity – Training Dummy
– Charisma – conversing with other guests (Vedetas can also improve it by using their special piece of furniture, a table with a mirror)
– Intelligence – a Bookshelf, or any other piece of furniture that has books on it
When an attribute improves, an icon will be displayed on top of your tenant. Note that if the tenant is unhappy and his basic needs are constantly being ignored, his attributes will be lowered!– Added key combination CTRL+F2, which – when used in Main Menu – will launch the Editor. We have also removed an .exe file with the Editor as we found that some players have hardware issues preventing it from working. With this key combination, there should be no more issues.– Having more than 50% influence with a faction, while having all of them unlocked, will cause the NPCs belonging to the former one to appear in your inn as potential tenants.– Added 2 new Vedetas, Ranen from Velendis, Sambria and Kairn from Salebritte, YorevaleUI:
– The game will no longer occasionally prevent progress after hiring a Kitchenhand in the Tutorial.
– You can now only select Repair command on objects that actually require repairs.
– Deleting Stairs will now refund money.
– Made it easier to place down portraits in Act 3; using CTRL should no longer be required.
– A profesion of every potential tenant (adventuer, vedeta etc.) is now displayed on their info screen.
– Recipes now correctly display which furniture is needed for cooking.
– The game now treats Vedeta beds as normal beds, but only for Private rooms.
– Tier 2 Servants are no longer bald.
– Supply carts on the map now use a different icon than other, random carts.
– Minor fixes to gui and icons.Miscellanious:
– Cleanniness of the room is now affected by the amount of clean and dirty furniture in that room.
– Changed how room Quality is calculated – cleanniness, furniture and size matter equally.
– Made changes to positive and negative traits of many pieces of Furniture.
– Slightly nerfed Trovin’s taxes in Act 3.
– Guests infected with parasites can now bring them to your tavern and infect your furniture. Make sure to contain them before they spread! Please note that this requires Pests & Puppies DLC to trigger.
– Repair animation now correctly uses a hammer.
– Fixed a misleading typo on crafting buttons; it is now clear when you turn it On and Off.
– Fixed an issue that prevented Sambrit from dropping its price after one of the quests.
– Most Fireplaces can now be used as Grills.
April 28, 2020 The Pit Added The Pit DLC


May 7, 2020 PATCH 2.5.1! New feature! Added the God Hand Feature


May 29, 2020 Grill & Barbecue DLC Added the Grill & Barbecue DLC


July 16, 2020 New DLC & Game Update Added DLC Hooves & Wagons. Additionally, the game has been patched. Here are the 2.6.0 Patch Notes:
Benches are now correctly added to the Furnishing Menu during the Tutorial
All grills can now be used outside of buildings
Workbench now correctly crafts mugs
Stability improvements; as always, thank you for sending us your crashing saved games!
August 18, 2020 BATH & BEAUTY DLC Added the Bath and Beauty DLC


October 22, 2020 CROSSROADS INN ANNIVERSARY EDITION In addition, the Anniversary Edition mostly deals with issues loudly signaled by our wonderful community:
– Better Pathfinding
– Improved engine performance
– Tweaked UI & extended tutorialCrossroads Inn Anniversary Edition includes:
– The base game: an epic campaign, Sandbox mode, and dozen of scenarios
– Pests & Puppies DLC with lovely pets and malicious pests
– The Pit DLC – open an underground basement and run all kinds of illegal activities.
– Hooves & Wagons DLC – guests now own horses and bring wagons with them.
– Bath & Beauty DLC offering beautiful bathtubs and bathrooms
– Crops & Harvest DLC (new content!): time to gather crops and feast!
– Digital goodies pack unique cookbook, soundtrack, all sketches and concepts that were used during development.
– FLCs and event-related items
– New bard and a new adventurer
-Chinese language support! – Crossroads Inn turned out to be an indie hit on the Chinese market and, along with Anniversary Edition, landed a Chinese (simplified) version of the game!
November 17, 2020 Patch 3.0.3 – Fixed difficult placement for multiple objects; using left CTRL shouldn’t now be required
– Disabling DLC content no longer causes a crash during interaction on old saves
– Brewing can now be stopped
– Fixed overextended use of Mugs by the staff; however please remember that it is still required to store dirty Mugs before washing them
– The animation of bubbles no longer persists after moving a dishwasher
– A red cog will no longer appear on the Counter prematurely if your staff is overworked
– Geese, ducks and horse riders are no longer visible when -1 view is on
– Fixed client complaining about lack of light in situations where candles are being replaced
– Pets stats are now displayed correctly
December 11, 2020 Patch 3.0.4 and CM hunting begins! – Looking for Community Manager
– Made some improvements to the staff priorities system.
– Fixed priority system for baths; one person can no longer reserve multiple baths.
– Further adjustments to Horse AI, to avoid obstacles.
– Pet stats and portraits are now correctly displayed.
– Removed placeholder UI elements in menus.
– Adventurer icons in dialogue windows are now displayed correctly.
– Purchasing a recipe or a piece of furniture will now cause it to disappear from the map.
– The UI now makes it clear what prevents building stairs in the basement level.
– Re-enabled special DLC skin for Martyn in Options.
– Bread production can now be stopped.
– Removed “no adequate room” error from furniture in the Main Hall. Miscellaneous:
– The guests will no longer stop paying for Renting Rooms after loading a game.
– Fixed issues with building and deleting furniture in the basement level.
– Deleting a wall no longer causes its decorative elements to hover in the air.
– Added subtitles to Chinese intro.
– Increased rewards for Gambling and Pit Fighting.
– The player’s dogs will now scare off feral cats less often.
– Reduced Fame level required for guests to want to enjoy Vedeta services.
*Windows system only.
February 2, 2021 Patch 3.0.5 – The first LeAnn Pickard(CM) post.
And finally the devs also prepared some improvements to the Kingdom*:
Cats no longer run away too fast.
Workers start fixing objects quicker.
Furniture objects that did not have a texture removed.
Mincer now works; Venison and Pork produce mincemeat.
Basement stairs built on an expanded green area now work correctly.
Finishing prologue and starting act 1 will no longer cause DLC furniture to disappear.
Fixed the crash if the last block from any room was removed.
Wall mounted decorations no longer disappear when expanding room on a lower level.
In the journal, your speech skills will now update correctly.
March 19, 2021 Patch 3.0.6 Patch notes:
– NPCs will no longer block themselves in the Bathroom’s changing rooms
– Baths no longer get filled multiple times and then never get used (part of the blocking issue)
– Fixed an issue that caused a worker to not stop his current task after he was moved by The Hand
– It is no longer possible to build anything outside of specified build area
– Removed an empty scenario
– The game will now correctly react to the player not paying back his Bank loan in time
– Removed the not working “Set” button in Options
– Further fixes to Soap and Dishwashers; it should now work regardless of the type of Dishwasher
– Dugout storage building now appears on the Furniture list after it is unlocked
– Removing a room with shift+drag method now removes the whole room, not only the floor
– Fixed the contents of Media tab in the Main Menu
– Fixed a crash that could occur after loading a quick save game
– Fireplaces now use only the intended amount of wood
April 2, 2021 Operating system update Created “old_windows” branch.
“We have some news for those playing Crossroads Inn on older Win 7 and 8.1 OS! Version 3.0.5 is now temporarily available on a separate branch for you to play on while we get more permanent solutions in place to make 3.0.6 playable for those using older OS.”
May 26, 2021 Patch 3.0.7 Trellis now works correctly.
Fixed pathfinding and animations of cats.
Animals can now be petted correctly.
Fixed Adventurers freezing in place when going on a mission.
Bards and Adventurers will no longer use baths.
Guests using Fancy Bed now correctly pay for accommodation (Please note that to trigger this fix in old saves, it is required to sell all currently owned Fancy eds and build new ones)
Innkeeper upgrades are no longer removed when progressing from Prologue to Act 1
Workers now get the correct XP for sweeping.
Bards no longer get stuck on the stage – Fixed issues related to paying back Loans.
June 2, 2021 PATCH 3.0.8 The game will no longer stop awarding upgrade points in Act 3
Multiple fixes to resolution; it now saves player’s choice after rebooting the game, and doesn’t change on its own
Fixed pathing for imported taverns
Animals no longer disappear after a new tavern is imported
Level 0 dialogues and icons are no longer visible when level -1 is active
Fixed fonts and issues that could occur when changing languages (ex. to Chinese)
New workers no longer spawn t-posed
Fixed issues with stairs to the basement
July 6, 2021 PATCH 4.0 Added pathfinding visualization to help players with issues related to pathfinding. You can activate it by using a new button located next to the ‘God Hand’ button. There are 3 colour-coded areas:
green – outside
blue – inside available for everyone
yellow – inside available only for worker
Fixed anti-aliasing.
Fixed workers continue to try performing an action even if there is no path available.
NPCs don’t walk into walls anymore.
Fixed the issue regarding more than one person using the bathtub. (Also confirmed!)
NPCs now respond properly to deleting bathtubs while they are going to use it.
Adventurers won’t be taking baths anymore.
NPCs now are properly removed from the user tab after taking a bath.
Fixed issues related to the game assigning wrong user to baths.
NPCs won’t stay at the counter for no apparent reason no more. Now only NPCs waiting for their baths will stay at the counter to wait for their service to be prepared.
Fixed bath actions not working properly after reloading the game.
Fixed an issue regarding removing particular wooden planks.
Decluttered the screen by only showing icons for selected levels instead of all.
Updated physics check for object placement on the map.
Fixed Chinese translation.
Added option to choose a prefered counter to be used by guests depending on set priority.
Fixed animation whilst performing going to bed action.
Fixed animation whilst performing taking a bath action.
Fixed crashes caused by Vedetas actions.
Icons responding for city influence level where lighting before the level was achieved. This is also fixed now.
Fixed posh benches not fitting posh tables.
Tweaked finance system.
Removed unused shortcuts from Tips’n’Tricks.
Fixed issues regarding putting down and deleting tiles.
Translated “Allow All Objects in All Rooms” to all supported languages.
Fixed paying back debt system.
Fixed issues related to different tasks.
Shortened error messages so they fit the UI properly.
Added missing pop-ups with descriptions for objects.
Added missing counter name.
Limited the amount of wood that can be stored in a wood holder.
Fighting rings now earn money properly.
Fixed multiple bugs related to UI.
Watched resources are now sorted alphabetically. (along the bottom of the screen)
Fixed crashes occurring when buying pets in pause mode and inspecting them.
Changed the direction of the green arrow showing the alignment of benches and stools.
Fixed issue regarding multiple staff performing a single task.
Fixed income animation for renting a bed not showing up.
Fixed waitress’s headdress clipping.
Corrected mouse accuracy when building on higher floors.
Fixed issues regarding sending employees to obtain a piece of furniture while they’re asleep.
Fixed bard’s music speeding up when setting time to ‘Fast’.
Fixed already known recipes showing as available for purchase. (It’s true! Duplicates are removed overnight! Furniture, too)
Updated employee levelling and their salary raise.
Fixed the rotating cats bug.
Fixed lag when switching to Build mode.
Fixed lag when deleting certain objects.
Fixed different crashes triggered by animations.
Fixed issues with translations for several asset names and UI elements.
Fixed map clipping issues.
Fixed Crude Candelabra not working properly.
Fixed Horse Armor.
Fixed Paint.
Fixed Carpet.
Fixed Classical Rug. (I am so in love with how it looks now!)
Fixed Pillar.
Fixed Billboard, so horses don’t get blocked anymore.
Fixed Bushes.
Fixed Peeping Thom location not showing or/and having the ability to interact with.
Doors and windows now give money when deleted.
Fixed room index.
July 21, 2021 PATCH 4.0.2 Added ‘watch’ action for watchmen.
Fixed vindication event after the deadline for the debt has passed. If you have a build with “0 days left” then watch out! You’ll have to pay your debt as soon as you load your save.
Criers will bring more guests to your inn.
Fixed workers not bringing ice to larders.
Fixed more old saves not loading properly or crashing.
Patrons will hang around your inn for longer.
Fixed some issues regarding importing taverns.
Made changes to ensure that wood chopping works properly.
Fixed cleaning dishes and tables.
Fixed action bubbles for scoundrels.
Fixed audio overlapping at the beginning of a sandbox.
Made changes to the guest counter in order to properly count guests sitting outside.
Fixed billboard physics in order to avoid guests blocking on them.
August 2, 2021 SEASON PASS 2 Season Pass 2 announced with roadmap


August 5, 2021 Circus DLC Added the Circus DLC for Season Pass 2


October 1, 2021 PATCH 4.0.5 and DLC Added the Booze and Liquor DLC for Season Pass 2
Patch notes:
– Fixed the issue regarding too many mugs breaking. Right now only a fair amount of mugs and plates are going to break over a longer period of time compared to everything disappearing after a short while.
– Fixed the issue regarding workshop items not being downloaded to the correct folder. (thanks to steam community members ‘Rejuvenation_Man’ and ‘Beata’ for bringing up this issue!)
– Addressed issues including AI priority settings for tasks.
– Fixed the issue regarding pigs in the pigsty not being fed.
– Fixed wild animals not leaving the game area.
– Garden functions work as expected.
– Rebuilt pathing to be more dynamic.
– Pets no longer parade on the main road.
January 24, 2022 OPEN BETA Launch Patch notes:
NPCs on the road no longer are counted as guests
Fixed a bug with Loan that could be paid with any amount of money available
Fixed a bug that prevent Lanterns be refilled
Patrons no longer gets locked in stuff rooms
Patrons no longer gets stuck on beds
Fixed a default well in Act0
Bard needed for quest is coming into the Inn correctly
Building with SHIFT on the 2nd floor no longer deletes the floor on the 1st floor
Act 2 – Adventurer Gala has now correctly assigned name and image in the quests window.
Game no longer crashes after placing Brewery
Save no longer crashes after placing Workbench or Meat Mincer
Fixed bug with sound while pausing the game in campaign/sandbox mode, after selecting your workers, and unpausing afterwards
Act 1 – Achievement sound no longer plays after loading save
You can now refund room block after they are set (building animation finished)
Employee no longer gets stuck on training dummy while repairing it
Vedeta in no longer getting stuck trying to get a bath
January 24, 2022 – March 23, 2022 Open beta updates 07.02.2022 UPDATE
1. Servants will not transport heavy objects anymore (with exception of wood, to be fixed soon).
2. Dirty dishes are no longer ignored. (required to sell the dishwasher, to make kitchen staff wash plates and mugs again)
3. Fixed several crashes
10.02.2022 UPDATE
1. Another fix to servants regarding picking up items and mugs (should be working as intended now, checked it against some of the attached saves)
2. Servants will be able to make dishes using no more than 2 ingredients meaning the balance should change a lot
3. Increased priority of filling up baths task
15.02.2022 UPDATE
1. Fixed production items not being picked up
2. Left-handed mouse support
3. Minor keybinds fixes (keybinds were displayed incorrectly in settings)
4. Fixes in Act 2 (including a few dead ends patched)
04.03.2022 UPDATE
1. Attempt at fixing the pallet issue
2. Fixed item sorting in recipes tab
3. Reduced cost of mugs and dishes
4. Added customizable keybinds
10.03.2022 UPDATE – 4.0.7
1. Fixed guests staying at the edge of the playable map area
2. Changed the gardening patch replanting system
3. Fixed a few issues with town criers
4. Fixed resetting keyboard bindings to default (now it works globally instead of per-key basis)
23.03.2022 UPDATE – 4.0.7_prt1
1. Fixed guests staying at the edge of the playable map area
2. Fixed shortcuts not working (for example choosing wall style for the whole floor)
3. Fixed mincer not working
May 5, 2022 Crossroads Inn: Anniversary Edition and for Season Pass update! Added 30 Steam Achievements
Added DLC 3: Decorations Pack
Added Steam Traging Cards with rewards (steam backgrounds and emoticons)
June 27, 2022
PATCH 4.0.9 Fixed Martyn’s priorities not being saved
Fixed crashes when new door was placed
Fixed staircases causing holes after removing
Fixed bards not performing on stages
Fixed “Farming Simulator” and “Gardening is my passion” Achievements
September 6, 2022
OPEN BETA Fixed petting the cats
Fixed dead guests not having information about their status over their heads. Now Dead bodies are cleaned up after the day change
Fixed stuck guests arriving on horseback
Fixed Lantern object, allowing employees to reach to fill it
Fixed the names of the options displayed in towns
Fixed some translation issues
Fixed some UI issues
Fixed issue regarding cleaning the main hole, which additionally allows continuing with the campaign.
Secret rooms now can be used after giving access to the guests
Upgrade “Gossiper” now doubles the gossip acquired
Town crier now always shows the needs of the guests
October 25, 2022
PATCH 4.0.9c and DLC Added the Double Wedding DLC for Season Pass 2
Fixed petting the cats
Fixed dead guests not having information about their status over their heads. Now Dead bodies are cleaned up after the day change
Fixed stuck guests arriving on horseback
Fixed Lantern object, allowing employees to reach to fill it
Fixed the names of the options displayed in towns
Fixed some translation issues
Fixed some UI issues
Secret rooms can now be used after giving access to the guests
Upgrade “Gossiper” now doubles the gossip acquired
Town crier now always shows the needs of the guests
April 25, 2023
PATCH 4.0.9d6 Fixed “Start now” button for Fighting rings.
Improved employee tasks system – employees should now respond better to assigned job priorities.
Increased tinhorns’ interaction with gambling tables.
Resolved “your reputation is improving” sound prompt triggering too frequently.
Fixed Reliable Cauldron issue.
Reduced time spent on petting stray animals.
Enabled moving stairs in furniture mode.
Enhanced pathing system to prevent employees from getting stuck on benches and beds.
Improvement to fonts in the journal.
Mugs and plates no longer get stuck inside the dishwashers. Mugs and plates can still be ‘broken or stolen’ as the game has been designed and number of mugs slowly decreases. The workshop can craft both mugs and plates.