Bio Inc. Redemption – CONSOLE Launch!

Bio Inc. Redemption – CONSOLE Launch!

Warsaw, Poland | February 27th, 2024 – Klabater announces Bio Inc. Redemption is Out Now on PlayStation and Xbox. We’re putting Harm into Pharmacy with DryGin Studios, original developer, on PC and Mobile, and let gamers of Sony and Microsoft consoles, 8th and 9th-gen, experience the intricite world of bio-medicine.

The game is up to purchase at price of USD/EUR 14.99 on both consoles.

Along the release Klabater presents the new gameplay Launch Trailer and keep posted that Nintendo Switch release will be announced soon.

Bio Inc.: Redemption delivers an expansive and detailed experience, boasting an extensive array of over 600 meticulously modeled diseases, viruses, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, and medical conditions. Setting a new benchmark for medical simulations, this game invites players to go on a journey into the complex realm of healthcare, offering a deep dive into its myriad facets and challenges.

Known already for millions of players, Bio Inc. Redemption was already canvas for many content creators on PC and Mobile, like Dr. Mike, Jacksepticeye, LazarBeam, and many more. Now it’s time for console players to make a diagnosis.

Get Bio Inc. Redemption on PlayStation and Xbox!

  • Choose your side  – Choose Life and land you heroically play has a medical diagnostician to identify and cure diseases or choose Death and explore your dark side by wrathfully terminating victims.
  • Building deep strategiesThe mechanics of Bio Inc.: Redemption are simple to grasp yet extremely deep. Including over 600 actual diseases, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, and other medical conditions, Bio Inc.: Redemption is frighteningly realistic.
  • 24 Diversified challenging cases – Each case comes with its unique twists and specific objectives, gradually building your skills and expanding your toolset to evermore demanding intricate scenarios.
  • Unforgiving, wicked and strangely compelling – Whether you wish to cure an innocent patient’s sickness or torment a poor soul through an unlikely disease combination, the Bio Inc. universe will not leave you cold. Deviously realistic, even educative, balanced with a good amount of humor, the Bio Inc.: Redemption experience will take you on one heck of a thrill ride.
  • Booster and Rewards – Each win rewards you with XP points. Spend your hard-earned XP points wisely to place boosters that will help you solve cases at a higher difficulty and become a Bio Inc. master!

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