Best Month Ever! hits the road on all platforms and gets featured within the 2022 Digital Dragons’ Indie Celebration!

Best Month Ever! hits the road on all platforms and gets featured within the 2022 Digital Dragons’ Indie Celebration!

Warsaw, Poland | May 13th, 2022 – We’re excited to announce that Best Month Ever! IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS – PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and, since yesterday, PlayStation! To further sweeten this celebration, the game is now competing for accolades from the DD’s Indie Celebration showcase and is currently being featured on its dedicated Steam Sale event.

Motherhood has never tasted more bittersweet, and your choices never held more weight to them than today, as you embody the mother at the brink of revelation and decide what your son’s future will look like. With the fresh premiere on PlayStation 4 and 5, players now can focus on what parenthood truly means, regardless of their first platform of choice!

After one week from its premiere, the game received raving reviews resulting in a Positive score of 92% on Steam. The game was classed 37th out of 241 games released that particular week in terms of publicity, and community buzz on Steam!

Watch the newest trailer, published directly on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

Best Month Ever! is also among a number of games qualified for the Indie Celebration with its demo available May 12th-13th on Steam. The initiative is part of Digital Dragons, one of Poland’s most prestigious game industry internal events.

There is an ongoing Community Vote for the best game of the showcase and we invite you to cast your votes till Friday EOD here!

To take full advantage of the occasion, our representation – Michał Gembicki, CEO, and Joanna Keler, Marketing Manager – will attend Digital Dragons in person, and you’ll be able to meet both or either of them during the conference on May 16th-17th at ICE Kraków Congress Centre.


  • Mature, adult-oriented script that challenges the notion what video games can be
  • A tangible system your actions influence directly: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations aspects that reflect how Mitch is being brought up by Louise
  • 9 distinct, different Endings that depend on key choices of the game
  • Beautiful, stylized artwork reminiscent of the 1960s era

Best Month Ever! is available now on PC (with OST added!), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation at $19.99, EUR 19.99 and regional equivalents.