We offer a wide variety of publishing services, from financial support and investment in your title, through production, to PR and marketing.
All that so you can peacefully focus on creating the game of your dreams.


Yes! It’s creativity and self-belief!

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We are a group of lucky guys, who get to combine their passion for games with professional life.
We want to tell the entire world about your games.
We will finance and support you on every single stage of your work.
Because your success is our success.

Our current projects


The big return of a forgotten genre, including historical single and co-op missions

Alice VR

Inspired by adventures of Alice in Wonderland an adventure sci-fi game exploring the Power of VR technology.

Our team:

Łukasz Abramczuk

Łukasz Abramczuk

Special tasks and technical matters expert. He is the one who will put your game on Steam. Invaluable, but sometimes invisible. Knows everything about the Gothic saga, even the Thekla’s stew recipe.

Michał Gembicki

Michał Gembicki

CEO of CDP, the visionary and the initiator of Klabater. As it has been once said, he gathered this party before venturing forth. Always impressed by the creativity of independent developers.

Robert Wesołowski

Robert Wesołowski

CFO&COO of CDP, also in Klabater he is the one responsible for splitting loot and soldier’s pay. He turned his love for breaking joysticks in Montezuma’s Revenge and Pitstop II into passion of publishing games which make others break them.

There will be more people looking after your game.
The entire CDP team has our back and they are ready to help with even the smallest issue.

  • Project Financing
  • Production Support
  • Worldwide Publishing
  • PR/Marketing Campaign
  • International Events
  • Media Visibility
  • Partnership Relations
  • Mutual Respect
  • Joint Pursuit for Success

What is Klabater?

Known from sailor’s superstitions, Klabater is a kobold looking after the ship. Should the need be, he will patch a hole in the hull. He can lead the crew through the toughest storms thanks to his small lantern.

That’s exactly what we are: our guidance will help you safely reach your destination.

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs on Steam (release date still TBA)

Although Regalia’s release date is still TBA (no pleading please, our lips remain sealed!), we can happily confirm that indeed it is getting closer. Like, for example, today we’ve launched Regalia’s Steam card! Yay! There you can find out more about the game, stay up-to-date with its development, and partake in engaging discussions on our Steam forum. ...

Hello world!

Welcome, wanderer! Stay awhile and listen to the tales of video games, independent studios, deadlines, and wild shenanigans at cool trade shows all around the world.  We are Klabater and this is our blog. /* well, technically this whole webzone is ours and here you can check out our games, see what we’re up to, and submit your project for ...