From Shadows is an action game blending the style of fast-paced platformers and beat’em ups.

Action-platformer filled to the brim with blood, mayhem, and demons straight from hell! Play solo or with your friends in split-screen, upgrade your beast, and mow down hordes of enemies and their towering lieutenants. The menacing gothic atmosphere and foreboding music build tension, while the hand-drawn graphics give shape to unimaginable horrors straight from hell. This indie title offers option for solo play as well as cooperative split-screen (taking full advantage of both keyboards and controllers) and lets you publish your scores on global leaderboards.

When the night falls, two unlikely heroes emerge. A vicious WEREWOLF and a cunning VAMPIRE – creatures of the dark born of anger and blood are the last hope for a world taken over by black magic. Led by a mysterious sage, Cornelius, they’ll have to face hellish hordes of demons and fight through 21 sprawling levels before they can defeat the ULTIMATE EVIL!

Unleash your inner beast and step out of the shadows!


  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux


  • 2 unlikely heroes - a vicious WEREWOLF and a cunning VAMPIRE
  • 12 unique, upgradeable skills
  • Split-screen cooperative gameplay
  • 24 menacing enemy types
  • Towering bosses straight from hell
  • 21 sprawling, hand-drawn levels
  • Gameplay-affecting day & night cycle
  • Global eaderboards and unlockable achievements