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December 1st, 2022



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We love moonshin’. Now, you get to play a story-rich management game focused on crafting moonshine, brandy, whisky, and vodka. You’ll ferment, distill, then name your booze how you want it. You’ll run that business big. Smart, yet discreetly. Cause ain’t nothin’ illegal... ‘til you get caught!


We tried to capture the life of a moonshiner as realistically as possible. You’ll be managing workers who’ll be crafting and maintaining your equipment, you’ll be buying ingredients, unlocking technologies, planning deliveries and finances, making sure you remain as discreet as possible - and deciding whom to trust and with whom to work. In our game, you take on the role of a young moonshiner. You will progress through main missions, you’ll be performing side quests, and running into road events during deliveries - the life of a moonshiner is ever-exciting and full of surprises... If you’ll be prospering, you’ll get the chance to create and manage bases in four different regions, each with its own, more and more challenging missions. From your hometown mountains, through the thicket of a forest and mud of a swamp, all the way to civilization to conquer the big city. How the story will end depends purely on you - there’ll be a pesky agent who’ll want to work with you, and there’ll be a corrupt governor that you can join. But you can also ignore them. You’re a free man, after all. That’s how Moonshine Inc. came to be. Made for moonshiners, amateurs, dreamers, and newbies. Sit down, launch the game, enjoy crafting and running your business, and relax… after all, ain't nothin’ illegal ‘til you get caught!


  • a faithful reflection of the moonshine craft - fermentation and distillation based on chemical formulas behaving as natural processes
  • a realistic recreation of an American moonshiner’s business, with all its challenges
  • a rich story - 3 possible successful endings or a “Game Over” if caught by the authorities
  • 5 regions - running the base in the mountains, forest, swamps, town, and city, with linear progression
  • 70+ recipes - 15+ moonshines, 15+ whiskies, 20 brandies, 20+ vodkas
  • 50+ ingredients - sugars, fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • 35+ apparatuses - 17 distillation stills, 8 fermentation tanks, 5 post-distillation tanks, 7 pre-fermentation apparatuses, and more
  • 26 fermentation and distillation technologies
  • 37 main quests + side quests and road events
  • Original Soundtrack - get a Supporter Pack to download 19 tracks from the game’s OST


Moonshine Inc. || NEW RELEASE DATE trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Future Games Show by mana" 2022
  • "Gamescom" 2022
  • "PAX WEST" 2022
  • "Poznan Game Arena" 2022
  • "Dreamhack Beyond" 2022

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About Klabater

We are a publisher and video game studio quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). With a passion, we create and publish titles – especially and with a penchant to the ones of uncommon story and longlasting, outstanding gameplay.

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Moonshine Inc. Credits

Robert Wesolowski

Paul Muller
Game Designer

Quentin Coizit
Game Designer

Maxime Husson
UX Designer

Benjamin Thomas
Sound Designer

Adam Betley
Narrative Designer

Maja Budner
2D Artist

Milena Młynarska
2D Artist

Marcos Sancasto
3D Artist

Denis Smirnov

Nikita Vaselov

Maciej Miętkiewicz

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