Hello world!

Welcome, wanderer! Stay awhile and listen to the tales of video games, independent studios, deadlines, and wild shenanigans at cool trade shows all around the world. 

We are Klabater and this is our blog.

/* well, technically this whole webzone is ours and here you can check out our games, see what we’re up to, and submit your project for our consideration */

Given that this is our very first blog entry, you might not know what to expect from us. In the future entries you’ll surely get to know us, find us on PSN, Steam, and Twitter. We’re not only into video games, board games, comic books, regular books, films, and shorter films commonly known as “TV shows” – we also really love what we do.

If you don’t share our passions, that’s all right, but as long as you’re here maybe you’ll read some of our posts and get to like all those little things that we live for. Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, check out our YouTube channel or stalk us on Steam.