Heliborne is out tomorrow

Heliborne, our multiplayer helicopter combat game from JetCat Games wraps up its successful Early Access period. A full release on Steam is due tomorrow, October 12! What’s cool about Heliborne? 50 meticulously modeled machines ranging from 1950’s to contemporary models. A fully-fledged historical campaign for 1-4 players. Dynamic multiplayer mode for up to 16 daring pilots,. Over 100 weapon loadouts and authentic camos. It’s a treat for military buffs and competitive gamers! Heliborne is out tomorrow, with a Steam Deluxe edition full of extra goodies for only $24.99. Get ready to make some wind!

The helicopter game you’ve been waiting for

The game offers an approachable take to rotary-wing airborne combat. The flight model physics were designed to feel authentic, but the game is not a simulation title. Near-arcade controls allow to pick up and play the game easily. It’s all about the fun, the rush, and the love of military helicopters. Each of the 50 machines  – both on the NATO and Eastern Block side – were carefully recreated in the game. Even actual helicopter pilots, who got to play in Early Access had much praise for Heliborne.

What’s not to love – just look at these beauties:

And their Eastern-European counterparts:

Each of them can be equipped with one of the 100+ historically accurate weapon and equipment loadouts, to take on targets in Wietnam, Kosovo, or Afghanistan. Play alone, take on AI with up to 3 wingmen, or dominate the skies in 16-player online battle modes. Heli-hyped already? Start flying tomorrow, on Steam. Fly safe, friends!