We need YOU. Join the playtests and fill in the FEEDBACK FORM.

We need YOU. Join the playtests and fill in the FEEDBACK FORM.

Many events behind us, including Gamescom, PAX East, West, and PGA. We were very excited we had a chance to introduce Moonshine Inc. to fair participants and gain more interest and fans after their hands-on experience. But we’re not done reaching out to players. Please, read below and engage. Thank you!

We’re now only a month ahead of the launch of our game. As far as our team is very happy with the outcome and the game’s state, we know that at the end of any development the developers are often not objective (impartial) anymore. Although we’re almost done with the project, we can still change the game meaningly.
We feel we need your feedback. That is why we decided to open playtests and we created this super important Feedback Form for YOU to help us out.
We’re giving you the full version of the game and we trust you will help us either make the last-call improvements or assure us the game is just fine!

The playtests will run from November 4th, at 5:00 PM CET (9:00 AM PDT), and will continue until November 14th at 10:00 AM CET (2 AM PDT). We decided to restrict the tests to the region of North America, to overcome language barriers and to get in connection with an audience living as close to the game background as possible.

There are two areas where improvements can and will be made with your support:


– if during your testing you come across ANY bug or crash, please send us a report using this form. This will help us fix and polish Moonshine Inc. In our studio, we’re limited with our working stations, yet you, the players, all use different systems and hardware. Your help is invaluable!


– did you have a hard time understanding the production mechanisms? During the game development, we explored the moonshining topic THOROUGHLY. We want to make sure we are sharing our passion enjoyably and understandably so you can craft on and on with more and more curiosity and fun. Who knows, perhaps it’s your start of a new crafting passion. Fill in the FEEDBACK FORM to help us improve the experience.


The Feedback Form was prepared very thoughtfully. First, we’re asking a little bit about your general preferences and impressions of the game. We will appreciate your little time on it, although this information is not the purpose of what we’re doing.

Only after, comes the important part: Game Systems Evaluation. We’re asking to give a grade for CLARITY, FLOW, and RELEVANCE from 1 to 6 regarding four aspects of the game:

  • Spirits Crafting: fermentation, distillation, and bottling processes;
  • Apparatuses: crafting, installation, cleaning, and repairing of apparatuses used to produce alcohol;
  • Distribution: maintaining car fleet, monitoring delivery routes, exploring different stashes;
  • Storyline: your progression throughout the region, the difficulty level, and the relevance of both main and side quests.

Sneak peek of the Feedback Form grading evaluation:


Go to the Steam page of Moonshine Inc. You will find a widget

Join the Moonshine Inc. Playtest. Request Access.*

*Again, please mind that we decided to restrict access to North America only.



We have now opened a dedicated Moonshine Inc. server, so please join to get in touch with us and other alcohol-crafting fans! Share your progress, your recipes, ideas, impressions, and memes, and let’s have a chat!

The time has come to get you seriously involved in the production of high spirits. The task will be fine as your momma’s apple pie but will let us skyrocket those already-not-so-rusty stills to the next level. We’re starting today – November 4th, at 5:00 PM CET (9:00 AM PDT), and will continue until November 14th at 10:00 AM CET (2 AM PDT).